Last Sunday, a gunman injured several people and killed three at a food festival.  The people killed were 6, 13, and 25 years old. The future of America murdered  by our present reality.

So, I thought I should lay out some of the statistics on gun violence in this country.  This is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that we do have a problem with gun violence in America, and it disproportionately affects our young people, women, and minorities. We need to do better. We need to grow up.


Torchlight Media: America Continues to Choose Guns over Children


In addition to the Torchlight article, I thought I would add here my additional thoughts from my Facebook post on the Monday after the Gilroy shooting.


To those affected by what happened Gilroy yesterday, my heart goes out to you.

To those responding with “it just proves gun free zones don’t work” or “it just proves California gun control doesn’t work” or “it proves we need more guns”, you don’t get it, do you?

Everytime you make arguments like that in the wake of these types of shootings, you aren’t making a case for open carry or the Second Amendment.

You are making a case for having guns removed completely, because we, as a people, can’t handle the responsibility.

That’s what “California’s gun laws don’t work” or “gun free zones don’t work” really means. They don’t work because Americans can’t be trusted with guns even within those frameworks.

Everytime you make arguments like that, you make it more and more evident to the rest of America that the problem is that we can’t handle being gun owners in America any longer.

Most people I know don’t want to take everyone’s guns away. They are for common sense gun laws, not abolishing the Second Amendment.

But, in the wake of these tragedies and the tragedies of everyday gun violence in America, everytime you make arguments about how it’s those commons sense laws that are the problem or how we need more guns or how there is nothing we can do, you leave more of an impression that Americans can’t be trusted with guns rather than the “a good guy with a gun can solve this” that you were going for.

You also leave people with no other solutions than to say, “Okay, I guess guns just need to go then.”

Want to help your cause? Stop arguing against any and all solutions except the “arm everybody” one when these tragedies happen. Start working with people for realistic solutions, instead of blocking them out. Stop shutting out all attempts at dialogue.

There are a lot of people who want to work with you, but you won’t let them.

Your fanaticism is not helping your cause; it’s convincing more and more people of just the opposite.

We’ve had decades to try things your way, and what we have is school students learning active shooter drills and going to school with bullet proof backpacks. That’s not progress; that’s regression.

You want things to go better for your cause? Do you really care about these tragedies? Then start working with the rest of us so we all get to a better outcome in the future.