I wrote this on my Facebook wall, inspired by media and punditry’s continued silence on where we are now:

To say nothing is taken as agreement. To remain silent normalizes the abhorrent and the inexcusable. So I’m going to be clear.

The current President of the United States is openly a racist and a white nationalist. His “America First” is really white America only. His administration houses white nationalists, like Stephen Miller, and puts their policy and advice front and center.

We have a domestic terrorism problem, and it is largely driven by white racism. The biggest domestic terrorist group in America doesn’t get talked about as terrorists, but it is exactly what they are. And they carry out their acts of terror under the authority of the U.S. government. We need to start being honest about this. ICE (and with them parts of the CPB) has been acting as domestic terrorists for years. The recent raid served one main purpose – to strike terror into certain populations. Not “criminals”. Not illegal immigrants. It’s legal, illegal, refugees, citizens, etc. And not all populations with immigrants. Just the brown ones.

The biggest source of illegal immigration in the U.S. is visa overstays (a problem fixable by not being dicks about visa applications and renewals, not raids). We don’t hear of raids to go after European immigrants who overstay. We don’t hear of any efforts to address the overstay problem at all. Except when it comes to brown immigrants.

Terrorism is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.” Other definitions include, “the use of violence or of the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives.” The problem is many definitions specifically say that if the government does it, it’s not terrorism. Bullshit.

The recent raid in Mississippi was done by the government, and nearly half of the people they detained they had to let go, admitting they did not have any reason to have detained them in the first place. The raid was planned for months, and targeted the Latinx community on the same day the president was visiting a mourning Latinx community that had been targeted and killed by a white supremacist spouting the same anti-Latinx rhetoric the president uses. Why wasn’t the raid delayed a day or two, given the optics? Because it was the first day of school. The raid was supposed to go off then for maximum terror and chaos. Why were children left abandoned on the street? Why wasn’t there a better plan by the government for that obvious eventuality? Because again the goal was to strike terror and chaos, in those children (some or most of whom are no doubt US citizens) and their parents.

Don’t think this stops with brown people either.

Speak up people. Do not offer silent agreement. Do not normalize this garbage. Never again is right here and right now.