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Work to Honor the Self-Evident Truths

Today is July 4th, the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In it, the colonies that would become the United States of America laid out why they felt impelled to rebel against Great Britain and form their own nation.  According to that document, the rebellion, and thus the basis for the existence of the United States, rests foremost upon the recognition that there are self-evident truths about human existence: rights to life, liberty, and happiness that no human authority can or should deny.


America was founded on principles to which it has always had difficulty living up.


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Torchlight Media – Breaking: Michigan Men Patriotically Protest for Larger Penises

I analyze what I saw in the protests about stay-at-home orders at the Michigan Capitol. Let’s just say the reveal was not flattering.


Article-Breaking: Michigan Men Patriotically Protest for Larger Penises

Torchlight Media: Cards for Debbie

The folks at Torchlight Media encouraged me to write an article about my call to action to bury Representative Debbie Dingell in cards this holiday.  Please spread the word by spreading the article (please use the article link).

Torchlight Media: Cards for Debbie – Turning Rage to Love


Torchlight Media: Everything You Need to Know about Red Flag Laws

Time to talk red flag laws.  Listening to those who work on forwarding constructive solutions to gun violence, I hear a common story. If you can take the time to go through what is proposed, step-by-step, one-on-one, it can allay a lot of concerns and dispel a lot of misunderstandings.


Taking that lesson, I wrote an article going through the details of red flag laws. With the help of Representative Robert Wittenberg, I went beyond the talking points so many throw out there without understanding what is really going on. Instead I broke down what exactly red flag laws are, how they work, and what they actually do. Please take a look:


Torchlight Media: Everything You Need to Know about Red Flag Laws 

Torchlight Media: Trump’s Empty Chair on Climate Change

On Monday, Donald Trump literally made the United States an empty chair when it comes to climate change.  He and his aides offered up lame excuses. Then rump voiced an even lamer view of what should matter in the wake of this global environmental crisis. I talk about it in my most recent article for Torchlight Media.


Torchlight Media: Trump’s Empty Chair on Climate Change

Torchlight Media: Trump’s White Nationalist Administration Slaps Liberty in the Face Again

Ken Cuccinelli recently mutilated of meaning behind the Statue of Liberty and “The New Colossus” to justify his racist policies. White nationalists right now sit in the highest seats of power in the land, pushing their horrid agendas and vandalizing our history to give them a sense of legitimacy. I broke down what’s going on. Check it out at Torchlight Media.


Torchlight Media: Trump’s White Nationalist Administration Slaps Liberty in the Face Again

Never Again Is Right Here and Now

I wrote this on my Facebook wall, inspired by media and punditry’s continued silence on where we are now:

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After Another Mass Shooting, How Do You Feel America?



Violated. Yesterday I felt broken. Today, I realize that a big part of that is I feel violated. I have had so many emotions and thoughts churning inside me regarding the most recent mass shootings, but this one had to come out.


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Torchlight Media: America Continues to Choose Guns over Children

Last Sunday, a gunman injured several people and killed three at a food festival.  The people killed were 6, 13, and 25 years old. The future of America murdered  by our present reality.

So, I thought I should lay out some of the statistics on gun violence in this country.  This is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that we do have a problem with gun violence in America, and it disproportionately affects our young people, women, and minorities. We need to do better. We need to grow up.


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Torchlight Media: Trump’s “Go Back Home” Tweet – A Diary

A couple of weeks ago, Torchlight Media distilled my various Facebook posts on Trump’s Tweet telling four American citizens, duly elected congresswomen no less, to “go back home”, i.e., to a country other than the United States.


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