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Torchlight Media – Use Your Voice: 9 Reasons to Vote in Primaries

I wrote a piece over at Torchlight Media setting out the many reasons you should vote in the primaries. Please take a read:


Torchlight Media – Use Your Voice: 9 Reasons to Vote in Primaries


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  1. Ann Anderson

    I received a comment to this post which I have not approved but am noting for the record here. I get slammed with a lot of spam comments to this blog every day. Some actually are coherent but obviously don’t relate to the post, so I know they are probably fishing attempts.

    The comment I received for this post was not only coherent; it was almost on topic. However, there were things about where it was sent from, it was still not quite on topic, and it had phrases that required better context but none was given (i.e., like I knew who sent the comment, but I did not). So, I suspect it is bot driven spam all the same, this time quoting an article from somewhere. The engine managed to do a better job of snagging relevant text, but I think it is still a bot.

    If someone has legitimate comments to post here, I am all for having them. But if you are not someone whom I would know, and you don’t properly introduce yourself or otherwise just make vague comments, I have no choice but to assume you are spam and will not approve you comments. So, if someone out there has made a legitimate comment to this blog and wondered why I have never approved it, that is the reason. If you think I have done so in error, you are free to contact me about it.


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