Narcissism and bullying, and stupidity fueled ignorance; that’s was Donald Trump is made of.


The Schoolyard Bully Pulpit – Part 1: Breaking the Silence


By way of explanation, Torchlight Media, a group of citizen journalists, recently asked if I would write articles for them. I am very honored and grateful for this opportunity.  As you have possibly already noted, that doesn’t mean I will stop writing here; just that I will be splitting my time.


Above is a link to the first fruits of that labor: part one of a three part series on Trump as a narcissistic bully, and what it means for us. In this first installment, I go behind the name calling and dive into why Trump qualifies as a narcissistic bully.  I’m really thankful to the folks at Torchlight Media for all their help in getting this article together.  Please do check out the rest of their site as well.