An owl's eye view of forests and trees

Owl Facts: 3 Toe, 1 Toes, 2 Toes, 2 Toes

And now a nature interlude about owls.  Did I count those toes correctly?


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Apologies. I am trying to post more frequently. However, my job that actually pays the bills demanded most of my time the last few days.


I have written up more of my thoughts on censorship, free speech, and calling someone out over concerning behavior but have had no time to edit them. I do plan on getting back to that topic. In the meantime, some words about owls.


Did you know they are zygodactyl? That means they have two toes pointing forward and two pointing backward. Most birds have three forward, one back. What’s that you say? But you’ve seen owls with three toes forward? Of course you have. Because owls can swivel one of those back toes forward. So they can shift their grip to meet their needs. Often they have three toes forward for walking and flight, while they have two toes forward and two in back to better grip perches and prey. Pretty cool, right?


Great Horned Owl, by Andrea Westmoreland, 2011. (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Burrowing Owl with One Leg Tucked Up

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